BioFuel Ready for the mainstream. The world’s first commercial airline running a test flight powered by Jatropha. To find out just how successful it was…

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JatroBioFuels is constantly growing, you can follow our progress

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Welcome to Clean Energy

JatroBiofuels is committed to providing sustainable biodiesel and bio jet fuel from non-food source at below crude oil price of $40/barrels. Biodiesel is a renewable fuel and an alternative to or addition to petroleum diesel, with positive environmental performance..

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“Those who are working with jatropha, are working with the new generation crop, which is hugely exciting.”

Sanju Khan

“You don’t have any difference at all in terms of performance of the airplane or operations by the pilot.”

Capt. Jackson Seltzer

“The more I learned about it, the more excited I became about it.”

Bob Schmidt, Genteicist

A BioFuel That Makes Sense

module1The success of Biodiesel lies in finding inexpensive feedstock that do not compete with food crops and can be cultivated economically with high oil production ratios. Jatropha is non-edible and provides the most promising solution.

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Sustainable Cultivation

module3Proving that the climate and soil composition in Arizona are adequate for the cultivation of the Jatropha plant. Our dual mode approach is to import Jatropha seeds while increasing our Jatropha plantation.

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Learn About Jatropha

module2Jatropha Curcas belongs to the Euphorbiaceae family. The plant has over 40% oil content, which is higher than most oil seeds including soybean (19%). It can also be intercropped with other food and non-food crops

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